What I’ve been up to.. again!

Internet has been non existent in my house in the past few weeks because my parents decided to change telephone operator, therefore we changed modem.. and now I don’t have ADSL in my room. Bummer. And the weather is already going cold again, we basically had no summer this year (and if you think I was complaining now, just wait for the actual winter!).

My hand, a book, ripped jeans and a blanket. The only way to spend a cold afternoon without internet.

But hey, thanks to the fact that I’m not…

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Emma Sjöberg - Le Vert en Habit de Lumière (Elle France 11 Mars 1991) 01

If you want to read the first episode of this “series”, it was dedicated to my all-time favourite Hans Feurer, and you can find it  here.

Marc Hispard is a born and bred French photographer who started in the (golden) 80s/90s era, shooting primarily – but not only – for Elle France (he also was one of the first photographers of Elle US). The things I love about his pictures are pretty much the…

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Un zeste de Javanaise, photos by me
Claudia Schiffer by Arthur Elgort - Perfect Bliss (Vogue UK July 1991)
15th Jun 201417:144 notes
Christy Turlington by Kelly Klein - The Great Escape (Marie Claire US January 1997)
15th Jun 201417:131 note
Christy Turlington by Arthur Elgort - Postcard from Portofino (Vogue US December 1993)
15th Jun 201417:121 note
Christy Turlington by Albert Watson - Töchter der Wüste (Vogue Germany June 1987)
15th Jun 201417:122 notes
Christy Turlington - Summer in Style by Pamela Hanson (Mirabella July 1992)
15th Jun 201417:11
Anne Vyalitsyna - бодрого лета by Asa Tallgard (Elle Russia June 2013)
15th Jun 201417:104 notes
15th Jun 201417:09

Part of the photoshoot “I wore black, you were black”.

Photos by me

Nick Sushkevich
15th Jun 201417:04
Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin - Habits Privés (Vogue Paris Octore 1994)
15th Jun 201417:04

My first contact with a camera was when I was little and my mom lent me her Canon T70 to snap some pictures from time to time (and you could always spot mine because it was the one of the batch with the awfully crooked horizon) (yes, like the one you see here on top). I’ve always been fascinated by film photography since then, but I decided to learn how to take pictures with a digital because –…

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Un zeste de Javanaise, new photoshoot on my blog



So! A few posts agoI anticipated that I did a photoshoot with a new beautiful model, and here we are with the pictures! Unfortunately we spent most of the day in the car, which means that we had just a bit more than a couple of hours to take all the photos I planned, and I just have five of them. I wanted to call this photo…

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Opaque  by  andbamnan