I feel blue.. and purple too. New colorful post on my blog ^^

..and purple too.


Me and hyacinths 02Hyacinth 01(more…)

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A little bit better: inspirational quotes on my blog

Do or do not. There is no try

Of course this is a quote from Master Yoda, but as I’ve never seen Star Wars (yeah, I know.. shame on me!), this was told to me by my boyfriend and it just stuck in my mind because it’s so right.

I’ve been for a long time the kind of person that just triesto do things, but you know what? Trying means to leave a door open for failure, which basically means you’re already justifying yourself…

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Bloomingdays! New post on my blog ^^


I love tropical, if it wasn’t clear enough. But I don’t live in the tropics, even though I do live in a city that, according to Wikipedia, has a humid subtropical climate, which is a very nice way to describe a place where you swim in the frozen air during winter and you sweat like a pig during summer, no mid-season whatsoever involved. A week ago we had a very rare event: some days of spring. So…

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